Reporting and Dashboarding

Easy to read insights and strategy support to keep you in control of your marketing

Can you see clearly what your marketing is giving you?

Between your website, sales tracking, advertising, social media, email campaigns and SEO, trying to review your marketing can quickly lead to 15 tabs of mis-matched data and not a lot of clarity.

Vizzably Analytics puts you back in control of your marketing, with easy-to-read dashboards, reports and strategy calls, tailored to maximise the results from your marketing investment.


What do you get with Vizzably Analytics?

Marketing Dashboard

For quick visibility of all your online marketing elements

Automated Reporting

The marketing reports you wish you had, on time, every time

Strategy Calls

Monthly strategy calls to help you draw out and action insights


A dashboard for all of your marketing

Leads, sales, SEO, ads, social media and more

Gain insights fast with your customised Vizzably Analytics dashboard. Bringing together over 75 platforms, your dashboard is created to make your key priorities highly visible and reveal insights for faster decision making.

Scheduled reporting

Report what you want, when you want

Stay up to date, with scheduled reporting on the data you want at the timing you need. Want a daily sales & engagement update at 8am? Done! Need a weekly ROAS summary or monthly full campaign report? All this and more are possible with tailored reporting options, so you can get the data you want to the people who need it… and have the full process automated.

Monthly strategy insights calls

Find the revenue hiding in your data

Your data is only as good as what you do with it, but we get it, you’re busy and don’t always have time to review it. This is where your monthly 20 or 45 minutes insight and strategy calls come in. Your one-on-one video call with your marketing strategist will help you see what your data is telling you and identify the priorities that will best serve your business goals

How does it work?

Getting setup with Vizzably Analytics is a simple two step process

Step One

We talk with you about your goals and create your customised dashboard and reports.

Step Two

You receive ongoing monitoring and support, to ensure you have the most relevant reporting and strategy for your current objectives.

Better marketing insights start here

If you’re ready to see what Vizzably Analytics can do for your business, click the button below to request a demo with one of our marketing specialists. This is the ideal way to have your questions answered and see what is possible.

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