Beyond Clicks: Get more from
your marketing spend

Join me on this webinar as I share how to get the leads and sales you need to make next financial year the best yet!

Live training webinar: 10am Wednesday 12th June

What sales do you need to exceed your business goals?

The new financial year is almost here. Do you have proven lead generation systems to make the most of it?

The challenge is, in a market where all your costs are increasing, how do you market efficiently and effectively?

Efficiently, so your lead generation is cash positive as quickly as possible…

And effectively, so you get the right opportunities which convert into paying customers faster!

To answer these questions and more, I’d like to invite you to my free live webinar at 10am (AEST) on Wednesday 12th June.

If you’re a business owner wanting to drive more sales in 2024/2025, you’ll gain strategies that are working right now, so you can avoid outdated methods and maximise your growth!


What you’ll get:

How to decide which of your products and services to market and where

Avoiding the traps that lead to inefficient advertising

A multi-channel marketing system that will improve your ROI

How to make Google Ads work for you

Hidden settings that can make or break your Google campaign

What’s changed in Facebook Ads and what it means for your business

Live Q&A to answer your questions

What our customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

I really dislike wasting ad budget (and paying for parking, but that’s another story) Aside from that, we don’t lose by sharing insights on how to win at marketing. If you implement some of what I share and see better results, the chances of you wanting to work with our team or refer others to us increase. So by helping you, we both win.

The principles have direct application for almost any business. The Q&A time at the end, gives us a little time to discuss any anomalies for your business, so one way or the other, you get massive value from the call.
In addition to the campaigns we are running for clients right now, I have 27 years of sales and marketing experience. This gives you the benefit of both insights from current trends and how to use them.
Yes! It will be a live Zoom call, for which you’ll be sent the link after registering. This makes it easier to tailor the content to the businesses represented on the call.

Anything else?

If you’ve got more questions, please add them to the form when you register for the webinar. We’ll be reviewing these as they come in.

Yes, I want to know how to get more leads!

Reserve your place for our live webinar at 10 am Wednesday 12th June.

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Yes, I want to know how to get more leads!

Reserve your place for our live training webinar at 10 am Wednesday 12th June (AEST).

I would like to generate more (select all that apply):

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